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Order your Digital Cartoon Caricature in Malta!
Ordna l-Karikatura Di
ġitali Tiegħek Online f'Malta!

order caricature online malta

The face you've always wanted, but were afraid to get!

Gather round, family, friends, and colleagues in Malta! Are you tired of gifting the same boring presents for every occasion? Pingini caricature service will have your family, friends, and colleagues in stitches with hilarious cartoon renditions of you and your loved ones; artist Henri will expertly exaggerate the best (uhm, and not so best) features to create a caricature that is sure to be the talk of the town.

Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just to bring some laughter to your office, Pingini caricatures are the perfect gift for any occasion. Plus, with our easy online ordering and speedy delivery, you'll be the hero of the party in no time!
So let's get started and turn those frowns upside down!
Fill in the form below for a free estimate or

email Henri , message in Facebook or contact directly in WhatsApp (fastest) for a fast and free (visual) price estimate, and for sending your photos.

Order caricature online malta
Order caricature online malta
Unique gift for any occasion!
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order caricature Malta


Looking for entertainment that will leave you in stitches? Book Pingini Live Caricature for your event in Malta! Artist Henri will make your guests laugh until their faces hurt (in a good way).

Contact/book Henri by filling in the form above, by email or Whatsapp for more information and details. 

Get Ready to ROFL at Your Malta Event
with Henri, drawing quick live caricatures
of the guests

order caricature malta
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