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Portfolio Henri Goldsmann

Special Skills:

● Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite CC apps -Animate-Photoshop-Illustrator.
● Highly skilled core principles of 2D animation.
● Highly skilled at creating 2D concept and lay-out art with a good eye for composition,
   colour, lighting, anatomy and perspective. 

● Strong Visual Cinematic Storytelling skills, Storyboard/Character Design, fast sketch
ability, digital or by hand.

● Extreme attention to detail.

● Strong understanding of camera techniques, layout and perspective.

● Ability to create artwork in different art styles, including realistic, fantasy, or comic book

● Game Development: In-depth knowledge of visual principles including human proportion and anatomy, form, shape,
   composition, design and how they relating to game development.

● Experience working in the online gaming industry: 2 games published and created assets for 3 other games.
● Highly skilled at digital illustration and digital painting using a variety of techniques.

● Able to work in multiple styles.

● UI/UX skills.

● Good acreative ideas.
● Highly skilled at creating Vector illustrations.
● Highly skilled in creating presentations for keynote/Powerpoint/brochures with infographics.
● Experience working under and meeting tight deadlines.

● Good communication and organisational skills. Fluent in English and Dutch.

● A proven track record of creating clean and modern 2D digital artwork.

More about Henri Goldsmann

Storyboard - 2D Layout Sketch - Character Design - Concept Art - 

Anatomy - Perspective - Quick Sketch Ability

Illustration: Children's Book: 

Illustration: Realistic, Realistic Comic and Cartoon style. Illustrator vector or Digital painting techniques in multiple styles.

Mental Arnie FREE game, help Arnie escape from looney bin, download at google playstore, Apple Appstore,

Game Creation Gullit Soccer Star 
Concept - Layout - Animation - All Game assets - Animation-Promo Art.
Gullit Soccer Star 

 Gullit Soccer Star Game Icon
Gullit Soccer Star Apple.png
Gullit Soccer Star google

2D Animation skills - Gaming Assets

Infographic Illustration -Supply Chain Info-Graphics -3D Sculpture  

Cartoon Caricature and Cartoon ability/Character Design/Quick Comic Ink Technique

ToonInYourhead Cartoon Animation -Ajax Kids Club- featured at all Ajax Pro Football home games at the Johan Cruyff Arena Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Henri Goldsmann drawing Dumb Arnie 
Game Character the Evil Doctor Von Baldschnitzel | Behind the Game Animation | ToonInYourHead Insider

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